Native Rich has been developed in order to provide a safe platform where individuals can offer their skills to others all over the world. Native Rich is a digital concept of marketplace where an individual can create a job to sell his skill as genuine product. It helps more jobless people worldwide can create great opportunities for himself and his loved ones as an ultimate recruiter serving his community.
Looking for ways to increase your productivity without having to pay for additional members of staff or agency charges? Then look no further! The unemployment crisis is widespread across the globe, especially in third world continents such as Africa and Asia.
Lack of employment is a factor that contributes to poverty, anarchy, violence and immigration. At Native Rich, we are fully aware, despite unemployment issues, that there are keen professionals in all corners of the world who want to be productive, want to earn an income and want to make a difference.
Our mission at Native Rich is to work with these professionals in order to help them showcase their skills and abilities, giving them the experience they need of working in a professional capacity with the end result of literally changing their lives for the better.
At the same time, we are offering those seeking short-term employees the opportunity to find people who are a perfect fit for them. Not only will tasks be completed to a high standard but the platform offers a chance to give something back to those from less fortunate communities.
We really do believe that everyone in the world has something to offer. Services on Native Rich range from £7.00 up to £50.00, therefore suiting every budget. What’s more, customised orders can be created, meaning that quotes can be tailored to specific requirements.

What is a global village?

According to the Collins English Dictionary, the definition of a global village is “the whole world considered as being closely connected by modern telecommunications and as being interdependent economically, socially, and politically”. Advances in modern technology have enabled us to not only communicate with people on the other side of the world but to actually work with them and to build business together. We are now able to bring people from different nations, cultures and backgrounds to us, without the need to physically travel.
How does this interlink with our aims?
As you may have read in our ‘About Us’ page, we aim to help people facing the unemployment crisis across the globe, especially those in third world continents such as Africa and Asia. By using our website, we can help to link people to available job opportunities across the world, giving anyone the opportunity to earn an income. There are plenty of businesspeople who have small jobs that they just cannot find the time to do and so, by creating this platform, we will be able to offer these jobs to people who want to work, but struggle to find jobs in their own environments.
How does this benefit me?
There are significant benefits, regardless of whether you are a buyer or a seller of services. If you are a buyer, you will be able to outsource all of the jobs you cannot find the time to do to a responsible and professional seller, safe in the knowledge that you are helping someone to gain a revenue online, irrespective of where they are situated. And if you are a seller, you will be able to gain an income while meeting new people and potentially buyers for life! If things go well, there is nothing to stop buyers and sellers from being repeat customers/partners in the future, giving the possibility of lifelong business connections.
What are you waiting for? Sign up for free today! It is quite simple, Just visit register and create a job.

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